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Welcome to the Custom Course Packet System

Built to be used by professors and administrators, the AcademicPub application features real-time copyright clearance, and the ability to include materials from anywhere - articles from the web, lectures of your own, content from our library - almost anything. In addition, educators can select materials from the Content Library, materials that are offered as part of a searchable and reviewable database that includes materials from over 130 publishers. Today the AcademicPub Content Library contains over three million units of articles, textbook chapters, scholarly research and cases, all searchable by discipline or sub-discipline, and our offerings continue to grow. Additionally, materials are suggested by the system that are identified as having been recommended and adopted by peers within their discipline.

Distribute digitally, or in print - your choice. Students get lower-priced, up-to-the-minute custom books and faculty members get a fast, easy way to expand educational horizons. And there is never a cost to the instructor or institution.

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